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About Us

Who We Are
Step South is a young, growing and dynamic company with a personal and “can do” approach. We are very thorough and focused, yet also have fun and are passionate about what we do.

With a primary focus on the baby category, we are driven by a desire to bring innovative products and exciting brands to an expanding consumer market in South Africa, where there is a growing demand for variety, style and quality. We strongly support the business case for investing in Southern Africa.

We combine passion, energy and a hands-on approach with deep commercial, business strategy, planning and execution experience - from blue chip Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail companies to top-ranked consulting firms.

Our founding director, Dirk Hildebrandt, is not only inspired by exciting innovation in the baby category but is also an enthusiastic and hands-on dad who loves exploring the world anew alongside his little daughter.

What We Do
Based in South Africa, we import, distribute, wholesale and market international brands in the Baby and Lifestyle categories – brands which we believe in and that have the potential to tap into the significant growth in Southern Africa in these categories and to become a success in this market. We are the ‘Southern African Division’ for our partners: representing them, building their brands here and delivering strong growth and investment returns.

We offer our brand partners thorough strategic planning, rigorous execution of strategy and management of the full value chain, including logistics,  consumer segment targeting and the selection of the optimum retail channels and in-store activations in order to bring our brands to the right consumers at the right place and the right time. We complement this with strong competence in developing and executing marketing plans to drive consumer awareness and demand.

We offer local retailers a flexible and responsive team, backing an exciting range of fun, innovative and quality brands. These brands are supported by focused marketing and communication plans, aimed at driving awareness, demand and trust amongst consumers. This ultimately provides retailers with exciting international brands, characterised by increasing awareness and strong, growing demand, backed by a healthy innovation pipeline.

We only work with brands that we believe in deeply, and look to build these for the long term.

How we do it
We see ourselves as partners to our brand suppliers and partners to our retail clients, rather than ‘middlemen’. We work with both our brand partners and retail partners to import, distribute, market and manage retail execution for an exciting range of brands, thus building these brands successfully in the SA market.

We do this by offering our Partners:

  • Strong commercial experience in the region across blue chip FMCG and consulting companies
  • Competence, experience and passion across the full value chain, from supply chain and logistics to marketing strategy and execution, through to retail planning and management
  • Understanding of the local consumer market (attitudes, cultures and trends)
  • Understanding of the local socio economic and demographic trends
  • Understanding of the local retail landscape and optimal channels to reach target consumers
  • Passion and belief in the fundamental long term growth potential of the region
  • Sound fundamental strategy for partner brands, based on thorough analysis
  • Rigour and attention to detail in operational planning and execution
  • Flexible terms of engagement with clients

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